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Areas of Work and Interest

What is MDVI?

There is no universally agreed definition of MDVI. As such, there are many different interpretations of the needs of those falling under MDVI. Whilst the network totally agrees with the ICF framework, MDVI Euronet partners have agreed a working definition of:

'A person with at least two disabilities, one of which manifests itself as a visual impairment, which impact significantly on the person's learning potential to such a degree so as to require a customised educational provision.'

Areas of Work and Interest

The partners have agreed on 9 themes where additional work or greater sharing of established best practice is needed:

- Assessment
- Early Intervention and Family Support
- Orientation and Mobility for Children and Young People with MDVI
- Developing Schools as Resource Centres
- Professional Development
- Lifelong Learning
- Emotional, Social and Behavioural Difficulties
- Communication
- Changing Population of Children with Visual Impairment

Based on these 9 themes, MDVI Euronet identifies priority areas to develop new resources. Current priority areas are:

- Lifelong Learning
- Professional Development
- Early Intervention and Family Support

Examples of MDVI Euronet´s activities:

- Participation in European Union Education and Culture Life Long Learning projects
- Professional workshops on: low vision assessment; therapies; music and ICT
-Staff exchange programme
- Pupil exchanges
- Presentations at professional conferences
- Seminars
- Person-to-person dialogue

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